Can Baghdad be beautiful again?


(CNN) -- Think of Baghdad and for most people what comes to mind is a city of damaged buildings and  concrete checkpoints.

This is what Caecilia Pieri expected the first time she visited the Iraqi capital just months after the American-led invasion in 2003.




Iraq in 1950s


Baghdad Rare Photographs - University of Baghdad


Beautiful Baghdad. - SkyscraperCity

recent photos of Baghdad City, enjoy image hosted on .... Evening veiw of Euphrates river in Baghdad, Iraq. by wblyons, on Flickr image hosted

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Photos from the city of Baghdad - Ireq

Firdous mosqueArmenian church inBaghdadSynagogue of the jews in BaghdadMendy Sabian cleric in Baghdadmamoon communications tower

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Baghdad Rare Photographs - University of Baghdad

Baghdad Rare Photographs. Chalghi Baghdadi band in 1932 The Iraqi Maqam the posterior line from right to left1-Ismail Iyada Al-Qaisy 2- Rashid ElQundarchicamera

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بغداد القديمه | Old Baghdad

Published on Mar 6, 2013

صور لبغداد الفديمه ارجو ان تنال رضاكم
الانسانه العراقيه



Pictures of Baghdad-___- MonTada IraqI TV

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