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Inside Iraq - Iraq's lack of electricity

During the past weeks riots have been breaking out all over Iraq over electricity cuts. Angry demonstrators clashed with security forces and demanded the resignation of the electricity minister.


Losing Power: Iraqi oil flows while locals lack electricity, water

Published on May 19, 2013


Iraq is now the eighth most-corrupt country in the world - ten years after the invasion which was supposed to restore the country. Millions of dollars are handed out in fake contracts, while locals

Electricity: Blistering black-outs


Despite investment in the generation capacity in recent years, Iraq’s electricity supply system remains unreliable, offering an average of eight hours of electricity a day.


Water and Sanitation: Are the taps flowing?


While access to clean water has improved over the last decade, more than one quarter of Iraqis still have less than two hours of access to water from the general network every day.