Iraq after 2003 occupation

Press TV-News Analysis -Iraq Elections-03-06-2010(part 1)

Uploaded on Mar 7, 2010

Upcoming parliamentary elections in Iraq


Aljazeera Witness - Fighter in Adhamiya

Uploaded on Apr 2, 2009

Filmmaker Rashad Radwan brings us a film about an Iraqi box champion getting young men to box instead of fight. It is also a compelling account of life in Baghdad's most dangerous district, seen through the eyes of its residents.

Witness - The Poet of Baghdad

Uploaded on Nov 22, 2009

The Poet of Baghdad is a deeply personal film about the experience of exile through the verse of Nabeel Yasin, an Iraqi poet who is running for prime minister in Iraq's upcoming elections. In 1979, Nabeel fled his homeland after being branded an 'enemy of the state' for publishing poetry which did not conform to the views of Saddam Hussein. But he continued to write from the UK and his poems were smuggled back into Iraq where they became a popular symbol of resistance.

Iraq Special Pt 1 - 10 years on - Newsnight

Published on Mar 3, 2013

No description available.

Witness - Return to Iraq - Part 1

Uploaded on Mar 24, 2008

Witness presenter Rageh Omaar returned to Iraq five years after reporting on the US-led invasion. He found much had changed and, as ordinary Iraqis told him, rarely for the better.

Fault Lines - Iraq: After the Americans

Published on Jul 25, 2012

In keeping with Barack Obama's presidential campaign promise, the US has withdrawn its troops from Iraq and by the end of 2012 US spending in Iraq will be just five per cent of what it was at its peak in 2008.
In a special two-part series, Fault Lines travels across Iraq to take the pulse of a country and its people after nine years of foreign occupation and nation-building.
Now that US troops have left, how are Iraqis overcoming the legacy of violence and toxic remains of the US-led occupation, and the sectarian war it ignited? Is the country on the brink of irreparable fragmentation?
Correspondent Sebastian Walker first went to Baghdad in June 2003 and spent the next several years reporting un-embedded from Iraq. In the first part of this Fault Lines series, he returns and travels from Basra to Baghdad to find out what kind of future Iraqis are forging for themselves


Mission Accomplished: Iraq Today

By Sami Rasouli WAMM Newsletter March/April 2012
Today, after nine years of American occupation and “nation-building,” Iraq is left with destruction. Tragically, the most affected segments of the population are women and children. An estimated three million Iraqi widows and five million orphans (one fifth of the country’s children) are struggling to survive

Iraq security deal - Oct 24 - Part 2

Uploaded on Oct 24, 2008

The Iraqi government has criticised US military chief Mike Mullen for warning of "major security losses" if Iraq does not pass a key security deal.
Previously, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has warned of "dramatic consequences" if Washington and Baghdad do not agree a security deal on US forces in Iraq.
In an unexpected move, Iraq's cabinet is demanding changes to a draft deal already agreed with Washington, which would allow US forces to stay in Iraq until 2011.
The draft has also been strongly opposed by the faction led by radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr, who brought thousands of supporters on to the streets of Baghdad on Saturday in protest. It has also been opposed by Sunni Muslim clerics and other opposition parties in Iraq.
Inside Story asks what is likely to happen after the December 31 deadline?

Iraq talks

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2008 Iraq's neighbours met Tuesday in Kuwait to discuss assisting the Iraqi government.

Iraq's Awakening Councils - 24 Dec 07

Uploaded on Dec 26, 2007 The Iraqi government has rejected a request by the so-called 'Awakening Councils' to have offices across the country. The Councils are backed and paid for by the US. Comprised of former local insurgents who have turned their guns on al-Qaeda, the US sees the councils as a valuable tool for combating violence.