ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Syria DOCUMENTARY 2016


Published on Jan 20, 2016


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The Newsmakers: January 18, 2016

Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage

Published on Mar 5, 2015
In a special report, RT America examines the origins, power and expansion of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS). RT’s Ben Swann delves into the roots of the organization while Ameera David explains how the group amasses the millions of dollars it requires to operate. Finally, Manuel Rapalo explores how the Iraqi army fell apart despite benefiting from billions of dollars of US money – and military hardware – meant to ensure security.

Long Road To Hell by By Fareed Zakaria, CNN

Published on Oct 26, 2015

A look back on the choices made before, during and after the war in Iraq, and the consequences of those choices.

Canada in Iraq : The Hidden War - the fifth estate

Published on Oct 30, 2015

One of the largest decisions weighing on the shoulders of prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau is what role what role, if any, should Canada play in the war against ISIS. And how will Canadians know whether their efforts are having the intended results? Do we really know what our troops are doing in Iraq? Do we even know whether Coalition airstrikes are hitting intended targets?Bob McKeown reports from the front lines of Canada's war in Iraq and Syria.

Deep behind ISIS lines, two brave people agreed to talk to the fifth estate about what life is really like under brutal occupation. One is Rami, a young man who tells us his story as he sees his town destroyed and its citizens terrorized -- fearing all the while that he will be found out and killed. The other, Leila, is a journalist who made a treacherous journey overland to meet our team in Erbil, Iraq. She documents what she says is the little-known toll of civilian casualties from Coalition air strikes. Through their stories, a narrative emerges about fear of ISIS and of the bombs dropped from the sky. The fifth estate explores how the true reality of this war is hidden from all.

U.S. depleted uranium casts horrific shadow on Iraq’s newborns

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

American ammunitions may be the reason behind the mounting number of babies born with birth defects in Iraq, a study revealed on Tuesday.

Accounts of children being born with cancer and birth defects have been highlighted in German newspaper Der Spiegel, where Iraqis who were interviewed were not sure of the explanation behind so many dead and deformed newborn babies in the Iraqi city of Basra.

Children Horribly Deformed by US Chemical Weapons in Iraq (NSFW)

Published on Mar 22, 2013

"In 2012, European researchers visited a scrap metal site in Al Zubayr, an area near Basrah in southern Iraq. A local police officer told them that the site had at one time held military scrap metal from the bloody battles waged during the American invasion. A local guard told the researchers that children had been seen playing on the scrap during tha


Iraq's Secret War Files

Uploaded on Nov 10, 2010 The only TV documentary to have advance access to the biggest WikiLeaks release ever. This is what really happened during the Iraq war, not what the US PR machine of the time wanted us to believe. The reality behind the civilian death count; al-Qaeda's fictitious presence; torture, torture and more torture. A wall of truth revealing unprecedented levels of unwarranted aggression

The War Party

Published on Jan 30, 2013 BBC

panorama - The War Party

They brought us war against Iraq - what do the hawks in Washington have in store for us now?

NY Times Editor Regrets Coverage of Iraq WMDs

Published on Dec 28, 2012

Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times, looks back at the front page coverage of Iraqi WMD, which turned out to be false, and what she wishes had been handled differently.