Iraq after 2003 occupation

'The Salvador Option': Iraq, Memory, and the Death Squad War

Published on Oct 7, 2012

Journalist Mark Danner Keynote speech at "Image, Memory, and the Paradox of Peace: 15 years after the El Salvador Peace Accords," a conference held at the University of Texas, Austin

From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads

Retired Colonel Jim Steele, whose military decorations include the Silver Star, the Defence Distinguished Service Medal, four Legions of Merit, three Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart, is not at home. Nor is he at his office headquarters in Geneva, where he is listed as the chief executive officer of Buchanan Renewables, an energy company. Similar efforts to track him down at his company's office in Monrovia are futile. Messages are left. He doesn't call back.

For over a year the Guardian has been trying to contact Steele, 68, to ask him about his role during the Iraq war as US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld's personal envoy to Iraq's Special Police Commandos: a fearsome paramilitary force that ran a secret network of detention centres across the country – where those suspected of rebelling against the US-led invasion were tortured for information.

The Salvador Option in Iraq

Uploaded on May 3, 2009

Death Squads of Iraq created by the "Coalition of the Willing", the free (insane) world. 
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Salvadorization of Iraq 
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'Salvador Option' mooted for Iraq

By Tom Gibb 

BBC, South America

With no end to the Iraq conflict in sight, some US military strategists have been considering tactics used during the civil war in El Salvador, a brutal and bloody campaign that lasted for years.

The US colonel in charge at the close of El Salvador's civil war was a tall man with a shaven head, which, as a colleague put it, "looked as if it would repel cannonballs".


BBC Documentary The Iraq War Regime Change

Published on May 28, 2015

BBC Documentary The Iraq War Regime Change

On the Frontline with the Iraqi Army against ISIS - War Documentary 2015

Published on Jun 1, 2015

ISIS have taken control of large regions in northern Iraq and have committed atrocities beyond our imagination. To safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq, the leading Shia authority Grand Ayatollah Sistani released a decree encouraging the Iraqi people to join the armed forces and defend their country.
On the Frontline with the Iraqi Army in their war against ISIS to reclaim their stolen nation

2015 new BBC Documentary The Iraq War - Baghdad's

Published on Jun 2, 2015

BBC Documentary 2015.

An indepth look at stories and issues from around the world. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our . The protracted war between these neighboring Middle Eastern countries resulted in at least half a million casualties and several billion dollars' worth of . Long Military Documentary Future Soldier Technology Future soldiers will have armor which enhances physical strength and stamina. Combining the use of .

Iraq War Documentary NEW

Published on May 30, 2015

Iraq War Documentary NEW

Iraq builds 'Third River' project despite no-fly zone and embargo

November marks the third month of the no-fly zone in southern Iraq, imposed this summer by the United States, and sanctioned by the U. N. Security Council, that dictates no Iraqi planes are permitted to fly south of the 31 st parallel. 
The rationalization given by the United States for this policy of "industrial apartheid" and depopulation, includes broad accusations against Iraq, involving specific falsehoods about the hydrology of the region. Efforts to improve southern Iraq drainage, the U. S. government claims, have been threatening inhabitants of the marshlands by hurting fisheries and harming the environment. 

Cathy Breen 10 Years in Iraq Part 1 of 2 - "Eyewitness 10 Years Later: What Iraqs are Saying"

Published on Nov 26, 2013

Cathy Breen 10 Years in Iraq Part 1 of 2 
A Flying Focus Video Presentation:
"Eyewitness 10 Years Later: What Iraqs are Saying" 
On March 19, exactly 10 years since the US invasion of Iraq, an ignoble anniversary was marked by a talk in Portland. Cathy Breen of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, who spent six weeks in Iraq in October and November 2012, spoke in the Eliot Chapel at First Unitarian Church.
That talk is captured on the next two episodes of our weekly series, the Flying Focus Video Bus.
Breen's solo visit to Iraq was her first in nine years and brought word of the conditions of the country after being invaded, occupied and wracked with violence. She presented photos and stories to bring the humanity of ordinary Iraqis to the audience. Stories and photos about the deteriorated infrastructure-- water, electricity, and hospitals-- are a stark reminder that 13 years of sanctions and 10 years of war left the country in ruins.