WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs "Gave Journalists Like Me" Critical Material For U.S.-linked Torture Report

Published on Mar 22, 2013
Watch the full interview with Maggie O'Kane on Democracy Now! at Maggie O'Kane, executive producer of "James Steele: America's Mystery Man in Iraq," describes the significance of classified Iraq War-related documents released by WikiLeaks in 2010 and explains that they provided the foundation for the new exposé by The Guardian-BBC Arabic.
"It wouldn't have happened without the WikiLeaks documents," O'Kane says. It "gave journalists like me and other investigative journalists the basis of something to work on." To see extensive clips from her documentary, visit

Can Iraq's government stem rising sectarianism?

Published on Jan 16, 2016
Iraq's top Shia cleric Ali al Sistani has called on the government to curb the activities of armed groups. 
At least seven Sunni mosques were bombed in eastern Iraq earlier this week, allegedly by Shia fighters. That was in response to ISIL's attacks against Shia mosques in the same town. And Shia fighters have also been accused of human rights abuses against Sunnis across the country.
Of the Shia armed groups accused of carrying out these attacks, the most prominent is the Popular Mobilisation Forces. It's an umbrella organisation of non-state armed groups, some of which have been around for more than a decade. They were brought together by former Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki in 2014.
But what does it take to deal with armed groups with sectarian allegiances?

The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber 2005 Documentary

Published on Jan 20, 2016

Features Robert Baer, former CIA Agent and the man whose book See No Evil was the basis for the film Syriana, and the man George Clooney’s character in the film is based upon. Their devastating and deadly actions punctuate the world news almost nightly, yet they remain faceless figures amidst the violence and turmoil that engulf the Middle East. And, whether it’s the C4-laden martyrs of Hezbollah or the car bombing insurgents of Iraq, what could possibly compel a suicide bomber to voluntarily take their own lives, along with those of hundreds of innocent victims? There is perhaps no one better equipped to investigate this terrifying practice than Robert Baer, a decorated, former Middle East CIA Agent and the man George Clooney’s character was based on in the Academy Award®-winning film, Syriana. Robert Baer returns to his former center of operations, the Middle East, to trace the origins of the modern day bomber. In this poignant documentary, Baer reveals the fascinating story of the world's first suicide bomber, 13-year-old Hossein Fahmideh–who was martyred in the Iran-Iraq war and is now a hero in Iran; and visits his highly decorated grave in the graveyard of martyrs just outside Tehran.

HLS Human Rights Program Hosts Panel on Consequences of Iraq War

 JONATHAN HILESonApr 3, 2013

Ten years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, law students and members of the local community came together to hear from representatives of Right to Heal Initiative, a collaboration of Iraqis and U.S. military veterans seeking redress for the victims of the Iraq and Afghan wars. The HLS Human Rights Program hosted theevent, which was held in Wasserstein and entitled “For Us, The Wars Aren’t Over.”

Forcing Christians out of Iraq?

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2010

On Sunday, a church siege in Iraq left 58 people dead - with an al-Qaeda-linked group claiming responsibility. So, is the attack a fresh round of violence against this community? And is the aim of the attack to force Christians out of Iraq?

Ghosts of AbuGhraib Documentary

Published on Apr 30, 2012 Ghosts of Abu Ghraib is a 2007 documentary film directed by Rory Kennedy. It is an examination of the events of the 2004 Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal. The film premiered January 19, 2007 at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. The film aired on HBO on February 22, 2007. It was also shown at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival on March 23, 2007 and at the Cleveland International Film Festival on March 25, 2007. Working Films coordinated the US national community engagement campaign with Ghosts of Abu Ghraib. It brought together the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, the American Civil Liberties Union, faith groups and others to end US policy sanctioning torture.

Horrifying Iraq Torture - Pentagon's Complacency Revealed (Video)

Published on Mar 7, 2013

"The Pentagon sent a US veteran of the "dirty wars" in Central America to oversee sectarian police commando units in Iraq that set up secret detention and torture centres to get information from

Torture in American prisons

Uploaded on Nov 18, 2006

AbuGhuraib wasnt new...Americans are not new to torturing inhumanly....american prisons have a considerable history of such tortures..Lets See


'I'm going to prison for calling torture US govt policy' - ex-CIA officer Kiriakou

Published on Feb 8, 2013

RT talks to John Kiriakou - former CIA official who blew the whistle on the agency's torture practices. After 9/11 John Kiriakou served as chief of counter-terrorist ...


Inside Story - Iraq's militias - 26 Mar 08 - Part 1

Uploaded on Mar 27, 2008
Iraq's army vows to crush and disarm the country's militias.