recent photos of Baghdad City, enjoy image hosted on .... Evening veiw of Euphrates river in Baghdad, Iraq. by wblyons, on Flickr image hosted

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Firdous mosqueArmenian church inBaghdadSynagogue of the jews in BaghdadMendy Sabian cleric in Baghdadmamoon communications tower

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Baghdad Rare Photographs. Chalghi Baghdadi band in 1932 The Iraqi Maqam the posterior line from right to left1-Ismail Iyada Al-Qaisy 2- Rashid ElQundarchicamera

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Published on May 27, 2012

A Journey Through Jewish Baghdad, 1912-1941

Imagine a world with no running water or electricity, scorching heat and the constant fear of cholera. Imagine a warren of alleys no wider than a cart. Cows are being milked on doorsteps, street barbers are giving shaves, pulling teeth and lancing boils. Barefoot water-sellers are bent double under their heavy goatskins. It is 1912 and we are in old Baghdad. To us it sounds like hell. Yet Violette Shamash, born into an affluent family, adored its positive side:

Published on Mar 6, 2013

صور لبغداد الفديمه ارجو ان تنال رضاكم
الانسانه العراقيه

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