International Bureau of Education The Development of Education National Report of Iraq 2001

Iraq was the cradle of the first human civilizations. The Sumerian, the Akadian the Assyrian and the Babylonian civilizationsflourished in Iraq. With the advent of Islam and the flourishing of the Arab-Islamic civilization, which reached its peak during the Abbasids, Baghdad became the world center of culture, knowledge and creativity, attracting scholars, men of letter and intellectuals from all over the world.
 Iraq, during the last three decades, has witnessed a general revival in all aspects of life, including the educational system which is favoured with special attention owing to its vital role in the process of cultural growth of the society. The major developments and achievements, which have been realized, constitute one aspect of the giant and numerous accomplishments achieved by the revolution in all aspects of the political, economic, social and cultural sectors. 



Iraq 2006: Where to From Here

Published on Oct 11, 2013

Recorded on April 20, 2006.
Law, Ethics and National Security Conference.
Appearing: Bruce R. Kuniholm, chair ; Stephen Grummon, Nancy Soderberg, Rand Beers, and Zainab Al-Suwaij, speakers

الكلية الطبية الملكية العراقية: من خلال سيرة ذاتية,

   سالم دملوجي،



Iraq A Country Study

Helen Chapin Metz - 2004 - Preview

The ministry included the directorates of health, preventive medicine, medical supplies, rural health services, and medical ... In 1983, the latest year for whichstatistics were available in early 1988, Baghdad Governorate, which had about 29

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Education In Arab Countries Of The Near East"

Full text of "Education In Arab Countries Of The Near East.... Such approval was obtained from EgyptIraq, Palestine, Transjordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

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Iraq had a Long Tradition as a Center of Higher Learning: How America’s War Destroyed Iraq’s Universities

“Up to the Early 1980s, Iraq’s educational system was considered one of the best in the Middle East. As a result of its drastic and prolonged decline since then, it is now one of the weakest,” concludes a 2008 official report.[3]

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Education in Iraq: A Cultural Battlefield

... 3The Iraq Foundation. Revitalization of Iraqi Schools and Stabilization ofmit Education, Teachers' Training in Iraq. June 2003 to March 2004. ...

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Education: Universities in Iraq and the U.S. | Costs of War

 Iraq has a history rich in contributions to various academic fields, and its universities were the envy of the Middle East thirty years ago. In the early years of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the education system in Iraq was well resourced, globally connected, secular and open to women.  University education was free and literacy levels rose from 52 percent in 1977 to 80 percent in 1987.

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The destruction of iraq's education system - beyond educide

by UNITED NATIONS on 13/03/2012

"The Education system in Iraq, prior to 1991, was one of the best in the region; with over 100% Gross Enrolment Rate for primary schooling and high levels of literacy, both of men and women. The Higher Education, especially the scientific and technological institutions, were of an international standard, staffed by high quality personnel". (UNESCO Fact Sheet, March 28, 2003)1.
As a result of U.S. Invasion and occupation of Iraq, today Iraq is more illiterate than it was twenty-five years ago, because the occupying power began its occupation by destroying every aspect of Iraq's education.

War and Occupation in Iraq - Weed

Mar 20, 2003 – Destruction of Cultural Heritage . ... Cost of the War and Occupation. ..... Data source: War and Occupation in Iraq, Global Policy Forum and Partners (2007). Projection: Lambert ..... Ministries of Education, Health, Culture .