Iraq: The Women's Story

Published on Apr 1, 2013
A compelling account of a life inside Iraq that is rarely seen on news bulletins: stories of ordinary women whose struggle to survive has only worsened since the war.
Iraqi women and child The invasion of Iraq heralded promises of freedom from tyranny and equal rights for the women of Iraq. But three years on, the reality of everyday life for women inside Iraq is a different story. To make this film, two Iraqi women risk their lives to spend three months travelling all over the country with a camera to record the lives and experiences of women they meet.

العالمة العراقية البروفسور د. لحاظ الغزالي اثناء تسلمها لجائزة اليونسكو لوريال العالمية

Published on Mar 28, 2016

Zaha Hadid. Who Dares Wins. Architecture Documentary

Published on Jan 5, 2016
Zaha Hadid. Who Dares Wins. 
Architecture Art Documentary
A profile on the most successful female architect there has ever been. Born in Baghdad in 1950 and based in London, Zaha Hadid is now one of a handful of global superstar designers who have changed the way people think about the world through buildings. Yet this hasn't always been the case; Hadid once had a reputation as unbuildable, a 'paper architect' whose projects began as vivid paintings of gravity-defying shapes exploding into the void. How did this extraordinary woman - by turns charming, stubborn, visionary yet exacting - come to build the impossible? imagine... visits her buildings across the globe - from Austria to Azerbaijan - to find out, as Alan Yentob explores what makes Zaha Hadid tick.

زهــا حــديد - مهنــدسـة معمـارية عالميــة

Published on Dec 5, 2014
في هذه الحلقة من "بصمتي" إستضافت الإعلامية ماغي عون المهندسة المعمارية الأشهر في العالم زها حديد، مهندسة عراقية الأصل تركت بصماتها الهندسية الإبداعية في معظم مدن العالم، وحازت على اهم الجوائز التقديرية العالمية، بحيث اصبح إسمها مرادفاً للإبداع الهندسي.
في مبنى عصام فارس في بيروت، إلتقت ماغي عون بالمهندسة العالمية زها حديد. ومن بيروت المكان الذي سحر المبدعة الكبيرة حين كانت طالبة تدرس في الجامعة الإميركية، أعلنت أن بيروت صقلت شخصيتها وكانت تتمنى لو أهدت هذه العاصمة أكثر من إنجازاتها الهندسية.
إعترفت زها حديد خلال اللقاء، أن العالم حاربها لأنها عربية وأن العرب حاربوها لأنها إمرأة. فكانت مسيرتها الناجحة مليئة بالتحديات والإصرار والكفاح.
زها حديد إمرأة حديدية تسكنها الأحلام الكبيرة التي أثبتت لكل العالم أن كل ما حلمت به على الورق، نفذته إبداعات مميزة في كل العالم. من أبراج وجسور وستادات ومباني شاهقة وغيرها من الإبداعات الهندسية التي ما أن تراها، تعرف أنها من تصميم وتنفيذ زها حديد.

سيرة حياة عالمة الجينات العراقية العالمية لحاظ الغزالي مع جانب من مقابلة تمت معها

Published on Mar 12, 2014
تتحدث في المقبلة عن التلوث الذي اصاب العراق نتيجة قصفة بالاسلحة الملوثة وتأثير ذلك على الجينات بحيث الكثير من الولادات تعاني من تشوهات خلقية وكذلك مخاطر الزواج من الاقارب

NBC Report on Violence against Iraqi Women

Uploaded on Nov 23, 2007
NBC investigates the recent wave of violence against women in Iraq.

The Plight of Iraqi Women

Uploaded on Nov 21, 2006

Women and learning in the Iraqi war zone


Director of Iraqi Committee for National Media and Culture‘
Rarely do women in the Arab world enjoy as much power and support as they do in raq’ (UNICEF 1994: 60). That was the UNICEF verdict in a 1993 report, commenting upon the outcome of the struggle of Iraqi women in the twentieth century. The slow organic processes that produced such an outcome included an Iraqi education system that was considered a model in the Arab world. Prior to the period of the 1991 Gulf War and subsequent economic sanctions, 

Women in Iraq: The Gender Impact of International Sanctions

Yasmin Husein Al Jawaheri - 2008 Introduction The deteriorating condition of education under sanctions in Iraq was mentioned by the Arab Human Development (AHD) Reports of 2002 and 2003 ...

Reconstructing Gender: Iraqi women between dictatorship,


Despite the common rhetoric of democratisation, women’s rights and inclusion, Iraqi women might turn out to be the biggest losers in the current and future political and social map of Iraq. Having already suffered from the steady erosion of socioeconomic rights, which had been gained in the early years of the Saddam Hussein regime, women and gender relations have been particularly hard-hit by economic sanctions (1990 – 2003), as well as by the recent war in 2003 and its ongoing violent aftermath. UN resolution 1325,

calling for the mainstreaming of gender in all aspects of reconstruction and political state building, has taken on a tragic twist: to start with, the question of reconstruction appears premature at a time when the increasing levels of violence and conflict prevent any serious development projects and processes. Second, there has been the danger of a backlash against women’s rights and gender relations as the call for the mainstreaming of gender is being linked to the wider issue of foreign occupation, neocolonial configurations and an
interim government that lacks widespread credibility among the Iraqi population.