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Iraq and Syria: After Islamic State? [Full Documentary] - BBC News


The defeat of the so-called Islamic State has left Sunni Muslim populations crushed and Shia Muslim military forces victorious, although only after terrible sacrifices. BBC Correspondent Feras Kilani returns to the battlegrounds to assess the human cost and ask whether this is really the end for extreme jihadism in Iraq and Syria. This film is made up of footage shot throughout Kilani's coverage since the Battle of Mosul in 2014. This rare view exposes the harsh and unforgiving reality of war and occupation, and the lengths that special correspondents will go to tell their story. This Documentary was filmed in the course of 2 years, While covering the battle for Mosul, correspondent Feras Kilani narrowly cheated death, after the convoy he was advancing with was targeted by a VBIED.

حوار عراقي مع مهدي الغراوي

Published on Dec 26, 2014

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حوار عراقي - عبد المحسن فلحي

حوار عراقي بتاريخ 12-6-2015
ضيف الحلقة: العميد الركن/ عبد المحسن فلحي - قائد الفرقة الثانية السابق
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