U.S. Training of Death Squads in Iraq

By Michael Hirsh and John Barry
Newsweek on MSNBC.com
Jan. 14, 2005
Jan. 8 - What to do about the deepening quagmire of Iraq? The Pentagon’s latest approach is being called "the Salvador option"—and the fact that it is being discussed at all is a measure of just how worried Donald Rumsfeld really is. "What everyone agrees is that we can’t just go on as we are," one senior military officer told NEWSWEEK. "We have to find a way to take the offensive against the insurgents. Right now, we are playing defense. And we are losing." Last November’s operation in Fallujah, most analysts agree, succeeded less in breaking "the back" of the insurgency—as Marine Gen. John Sattler optimistically declared at the time—than in spreading it out.

Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib Documentary

Award winning documentary filmmaker Rory Kennedy explores the human and political consequences of one of the most bitter scandals of the war in Iraq in this feature. In the 1960′s, a prison was built in Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi city west of Baghdad, and during the regime of Saddam Hussein it became a center of torture and abuse where political dissidents were subjected to agonizing punishment or death.

WAR CRIMES - US Soldiers shooting live rounds at Iraqi prisoners

US troops fire on Iraqi detainees after burning their Holy Quran books in front of them. Amateur footage recently posted on the internet shows American troops firing live ammunition on Iraqi

Collateral Murder - Iraq

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2010

Classified military footage released by WikiLeaks showing an attack by US military in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad. This callous attack left 12 dead including two Reuters staff. Two Iraqi

How Baghdad Fuels Iraq's Sectarian Fire

By SARAH LEAH WHITSON  Published: May 15, 2013

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi government has hurled the country to the brink of a new civil war. In under a month, Baghdad launched a vicious assault on a Sunni protest camp, resulting in 44 deaths; executed 21 alleged Sunni terrorists in one day, and suspended the licenses of 10 satellite channels, 9 of them deemed pro-Sunni.



Kevin Sites: Fallujah Mosque Shooting

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2008

News correspondent Kevin Sites reflects on the controversial "Fallujah mosque shooting" video he captured in November of 2004.

Human Security: More freedom but less security?

BAGHDAD/DUBAI, 29 April 2013 (IRIN) - US officials and others argue former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was a “clear danger” to the Iraqi people and to the region, pointing to the two wars he instigated in the 1980s and 1990s, the execution of his political opponents and the atrocities he committed against his own people. In an editorial this month in the Washington Post, Paul Wolfowitz argued Hussein’s removal by US-led forces saved many lives and prevented the completion of a “genocide”.

Dahr Jamail Returns to Iraq to Find Rampant Torture and a Failed State Livi

Published on Mar 20, 2013

Investigative journalist Dahr Jamail reported for Democracy Now! throughout the early stages of the U.S. invasion of Iraq 10 years ago. Now with Al Jazeera, Jamail has just returned from Iraq once again, finding what he calls a "failed state" living in "utter devastation." In part one of our interview, Jamail discusses the harrowing security situation for Iraqis living in fear of bombings, executions, and kidnappings, the widespread torture in Iraq's prisons, and the breakdown of security in what he calls a "a lawless state." Jamail is the author of "Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq" and "The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Inside Story - Iraq's militias - 26 Mar 08 - Part 1

Uploaded on Mar 27, 2008
Iraq's army vows to crush and disarm the country's militias.

CIA lies even to those inside agency' - ex-spy Kiriakou

Published on Feb 8, 2013
RT's Gayane Chichakyan talks to John Kiriakou - former CIA official who blew the whistle on the agency's torture practices. After 9/11 John Kiriakou served as chief of counter-terrorist operations in Pakistan. And now, years later, John Kiriakou is heading to prison. He was just sentenced to two and a half years in jail.